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Gone with the Wind S 3 Film Cell

Filmcells Ltd Gone with the Wind S3 Film Cell

Filmcells Ltd

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Filmcells Ltd Gone with the Wind S 3 Film Cell

This amazing film cell features a print and an actual strip of film from the film, Gone with the Wind. Measures 11-inches tall x 13-inches wide. Perfect for displaying in your home or at the office, all the elements are framed in black wood and includes a certificate of authenticity.

The epic tale of a woman's life during one of the most tumultuous periods in America's history. From her young, innocent days on a feudalistic plantation to the war-torn streets of Atlanta; from her first love whom she has always desired to three husbands; from the utmost luxury to absolute starvation and poverty; from her innocence to her understanding and comprehension of life.

NOTE: The actual strips of film vary from piece to piece as they are hand picked from reels of film.

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