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Akiva - Till The End

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Akiva - Till The End

This track started out as a basic r&b song, and I couldn't decide whether a boy or girl should sing on it. I was inspired by pop rnb from the 90s. I left the song for years, and started watching a lot of festivals on SKY TV. I saw an XX gig which blew me away, it was in a tent at Glastonbury. The dark, broody, atmosphere was exactly what I wanted on the song. I added similar elements, toning the 'pop' feel down, so it was more trip-hop, more mature, more mellow. I listened to a lot of Ne-Yo, Ciara and Akon over that summer, and as I worked on it, it crept towards the sound I wanted for it. I'm still in the market for vocals for this. This is the instrumental version of the track.

"On 'til The End, Akiva went for professional R&B, structuring her work, disciplining herself to create something more studio-ready."

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