Akiva - 27 Sunsets

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Akiva - 27 Sunsets

This song had been banging around for years, I just never got it finished. I was in college studying music production, and I was asked to submit something I'd written myself.

I thought of this track (#1) because I didn't have time to start one from scratch in the 6 weeks I had to work on it (essays, and life, had to happen at some point in the week).

I used the push to get the track remixed (#2), I think it came out sounding too heavy and muffled, but I was graded well so I included it.

Then I changed gear and started using software instead of my old Yamaha workstation keyboard. I played the synth solo whilst recording individual tracks off MIDI, and loved it. Voila, #5.

In Reason, I created #4 from the original MIDI, and cut the radio mix, a-la #3.

These mixes are so unique, I had to give a run down:

1. Classic guitar delay over 90s Euro dance beat.

2. Smushed and squelched synths over 90s vocal style chords.

3. US-tinged, runway-ready house banger. This is the short version for radio.

4. Full extended cut of track 3. Ideal for DJ mixes, it runs to 6 min 11 seconds.

5. Reminiscing mood track, takes you back to Ibiza sunsets. Beautiful.

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