XS Media

X S Media promote other artist's music, and record cover versions of tracks. They are a cross between an indie label and a covers band! We also own Mental Morphine, an underground project, specializing in Industrial and Trance. Look out for that name! We are going to make movie score under the name The XS too. We have a few projects in the pipeline, currently working on a few darker tunes for clubbers who live at night.

I've been writing since I was 16, on a casio keyboard, but when I started college in 1998 and got my first real keyboard, that's when my writing really took off. As part of my coursework at Uni I was given other artist's music to remix, and I still have all my recordings from that time. I graduated in 2003, and since then I've been listening to all sorts of genres. And writing.

I don't believe artists should stick to one genre, or let people dictate what genre is 'cool' and what is weird. All music is talent, and takes a certain amount of sacrifice to let your soul 'out of the box' and onto paper. Or Hard Drive.

Our first single, Gypsy Heart, is not a taster of what's to come. We didn't pick the music we remixed in college - but this one really grew on me and reminds me of the great laughs I had with my mates. Look out for XS Media's work in the future. You will be surprised!

And to all the DJs out there.. trance is coming back BIG time. The way it USED to be.