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NOTICE: Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to temporarily cease production of all custom made garments, this only affects The Costume Portal and Katerina products. If you have purchased between Jan - Nov 2018 your order will still be completed. We anticipate production will begin again during 2019, we will keep you all informed of progress.

Can I come and see your store?

Currently our projects are shipped straight to you from our warehouse, without the need for a physical store. This cuts down on running costs and gives us more time for our other projects.

How do I choose the right size?

Measure yourself using our Clothing Size Chart. We will do our best to assist you in collecting accurate measurements for ordering our custom clothing.

How long can I expect to wait for my parcel?

Unless your item goes out of stock at the time of purchase, most orders will be shipped within 7 days of payment. Custom orders will be shipped after your payment plan ends. We do not offer hire purchase terms.

How do I pay and is it safe?

All our customers prefer Square Payments. You can pay online easily, just check out and we will email an invoice. Payments are processed manually. We will keep your card details safe in our system for transaction and account purposes only. Your details are never passed on unless required by law. We are very strict about security, so your details will be secure.

Google Wallet (UK Only). Send us money by email, we will claim it within 24 hours. Details will be sent with your order. Alternatively, provide your email address and we will send you an invoice. Tried and tested, Google saves and verifies your card details, and our account is verified and secure.

Western Union. Take the instructions on your order to WU or send the money online. Give us the code and exactly how much you've paid and we will take our ID to WU to collect your payment. This is useful if you live in a remote country.

Will my order be insured?

Yes. Packaging, handling and insurance is included in the price of the item.

Can I return the item for a full refund?

Items from The Costume Portal CAN be returned if it doesn't fit, we will try to adjust it for you and return it. These items are custom made and cannot be exchanged. Other brands of clothing will be subject to the discretion of the supplier. In all cases, please confirm your selection carefully before checkout.

If you paid through Square, you will be sent an invoice. You have until payment of invoice to cancel. Items are ordered immediately on receipt of full payment.

You sell a lot of named brands. Are your products legit?

Yes. Many products come with certificates of authenticity, or signed and hand-numbered. Some have engraved plaques on them. All of our branded products are shipped in their original branded packaging straight from the official vendor, with our distributors packaging on the outside. We have signed contracts or email agreements with the wholesalers and manufacturers to resell their products.

Aren't there expensive import charges? Your products are from USA but you are based in England?

Our main staff offices are in UK for the time being, but we have a warehouse in the USA too. We stock products in several warehouses all over the world, and as we handle the shipping ourselves, we also handle the import charges! These charges are absorbed by our profits, as are many of our shipping costs. The same goes for customs charges, unless the item description actually states that these charges are extra, the charge is in the price of the item, so you have only nice surprises in the mail!

If in the unlikely event you DO receive a customs bill, let us know and we will do our best to refund that amount to your method of payment so you will not have to pay extra.

How soon will I get my order in the post?

Shipping varies depending on the brand of products:

Movie themed collectibles: Generally 7 days although back order can take up to 3 months. We will keep you up to date on the availability after checkout, as it changes daily and cannot be confirmed before checkout date.

Collectibles on payment plans will not ship until your payment plan ends, regardless of whether it has been ordered before that date.

The Costume Portal: These items are Pre-Order, and made to measure, so each item is individual and therefore time from checkout to completion cannot be anticipated. Please allow between 4-12 weeks for a basic style, up to 6 months or more for some more extravagant dresses. We recommend ordering your dress at least 6 months before it might be required. Once your item is completed, we aim to keep transit time to less than 7 days, including full insurance and tracking where possible.

Hamunaptra: If you are paying full or there are no payment terms on the item, these are shipped within 7 days, depending on your location. 4-8 weeks on back order.

If you are on a payment plan, your item will not ship until your payment plan ends, regardless of whether it has been ordered before that date. This is for insurance purposes. We will stay in touch throughout your payment plan, but please note there are absolutely no refunds on certain items once you have started a payment plan. If you have any concerns about your payments, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Mental XS art items: Most of these products ship within 7 days as long as they are in stock.

How long do your dresses take to make?

This is a very open-ended question as there is a lot of work involved in each item made by The Costume Portal. Some can be arranged and completed in 30 days, some can take 6 months. Before we start work we will always confirm with you if you have a deadline, and we don't charge by the hour. Costume pricing elements are fixed amounts depending on what is included, and labor (sewing time etc) is calculated by a percentage of the cost of materials. Please don't hesitate to ask if you require more information.

Will my dress look like the original one off TV? Will it be realistic?

We are painstaking at this!! We realise there are a lot of replica costume designers out there, including commercial mass-produced versions that just don't cut it. We would rather spend 2 months finding the correct, exact fabric etc than rush the costume and ruin it. So yes, the two most important elements of the costumes are, is the fabric exact, color and feel, and is the style exactly right so it looks and feels right. You can trust that provided you have measured yourself as accurately as possible, and tried on the mock up to confirm it fits you (if this is part of the project), the dress will be as authentic as humanly possible and you will walk away feeling like you just borrowed the dress off the character.

How do your payment plans work again?

Choose your payment plan in checkout. You will be emailed invoices from Square, which you can either pay manually each week (as some months have 5 weekends we prefer to calculate your payment plan weekly), or add your card and it will be taken automatically. We will order your item or start making your costume, and ship everything out after your last payment, and work is complete on your costume. You can change the date, and amount of your payment plan 14 DAYS in advance. You can change the amount and date as often as your budget demands, PROVIDED you paid the previous month on time and in full (i.e. you have no unpaid invoices for the previous week). We NEVER charge interest. Our only insurance is nothing is shipped until we receive 100% payment, but materials, petticoats, jewelry, accessories etc are sometimes purchased during your plan.

Are your payment plans to be trusted?

Our customers will tell you, Yes! Your money is 'saved up' in our savings account, and a record is kept of your payments, much like a bank. This has helped many of our customers who just couldn't keep track of the payments they've made towards their dream purchase. If you've ever used Escrow, you'll know how this works. The difference between us and Escrow is that we pay for your order to be made from the money you save with us, instead of that money being held in a separate account, and items being sent first. (Aeroplanes are usually constructed before sale, and custom-built cars are usually billed afterward - don't quote me on that one!)

The basic premise is, we're honest, trustworthy, hardworking people who know what it's like to have no money, and to need someone to help keep your money safe whilst you save up for purchases that require restraint not to spend it! We will provide subscribed customers (open an account with our website) with the account number to pay into alongside their weekly payment plans. Only the partners have access to this account, kept purely for customers savings. We will be finding a way to post your account balance on your personal shopping account.

More information:

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