About Us: Mental XS Online

We have been trading in movie props and art for more than a decade. We have been recreating movie costumes for much longer.

Here is a guide through our website. Click away, you will find hidden pages in our menu and at the top of certain collections.


Previously known as search by Movie Theme. we have now merged the website to include everything under the same roof.. for example if you search for 'Thor', not only will you find a toy hammer, but a book about the mythology of the gods!

Cinestore - Official Branded Entertainment Collectibles

Mental XS Online offers movie costumes, props, collectibles, memorabilia, art and more, all officially licensed. Many of our figurines and art prints are hand-numbered, limited edition. All our products are brand new, shipped in their original packaging from the manufacturer, and we have warehouses worldwide to help make our shipping prices as low as possible.

Please note costumes from the Cinestore menu are brand name, ready to wear (e.g. Anovos Star Trek).

Mystical - Artisan Products

Enter the magical world of the Mystical, or simply buy a sketch book to write in. You will find a never ending catalog of products sourced from all over the world, with no prejudice against race, faith, culture or religion. Please note we do not sell certain 'darker' themed items that you might find in other stores. If you have any questions about our products in these categories, please ask anything you wish. Featured brand: Azure Green.

EXCLUSIVES - Created By Us
As the name suggests, all products under this heading are exclusive to Mental XS. With a focus on the historical, we create print on demand gifts.
Azure Green
Mystical Products (see above)
The Costume Portal

Our custom made movie costumes truly are one of a kind, entirely hand made by us personally. We are experts in our field, creating costumes for you that have never been previously attempted. We only make limited edition runs of each item, so get yours whilst you still can! We alter the design a little now and then, so keep looking out for a new rendition of your favorite dress!

Please allow plenty of time for your costume to be made, we estimate 4-12 weeks on the website on average, but these extravagances can sometimes take 6 months or more. We will keep you up to date by email after you order.

Hamunaptra - Artisan products made for us

Alongside our costumes, we offer designer jewelry, which is created by artisans around the world, inspected, and then shipped from New York. Weekly payment plans are available on some items.

Katerina Designs - Made By Us

Handmade, original designs shown as CG sketches (computer generated - Photoshop for short)

Custom made to fit, NOT limited edition, and NOT limited to Season.

Mental XS

Made by Mental XS. Print on demand homewares (see Exclusives menu)


Made by Mental XS. Print on demand jewelry (see Exclusives menu)

XS Media

I had another life before we met.. I studied Sound Engineering in College, and we never stop listening to music of all genres.

If you look for 'Akiva' on Jango, you will know the sound of XS Media. This is just the start...


"All brand names are 100% Genuine. We have bought many items from the suppliers ourselves and have complete confidence they will deliver. To the best of our ability, we will present brand names at full retail price, as recommended by our suppliers, (except for Sales events, in which we set the discount), and we are confident to advertise the brands as they are presented to us."


Payment Methods:

* Square Payments * Credit Card by Phone

Easy, safe and available in most countries. Accepts most major credit cards and stores your details safely for use during the transaction. Our customers prefer this option, especially for costume orders on payment plans.

Google Wallet

For UK customers only, only processes payments in United Kingdom Pounds (GBP)

Western Union

Some countries we have customers in do not have access to credit card payment systems, and send cash payments. All details are verified either side of the transaction. Only registered WU offices are used to collect payments.

If any aspect of your shopping experience with Mental XS is not to your liking, if something is wrong with the website or an item you are searching for is not listed, please do not hesitate to let us know - don't be shy, we won't bite (much)!

Registered UK trading address:

XS Media & Design, (trading as Mental XS Online), Fairdale House, 100 Nuthall Road, Nottingham, NG8 5BY


07533987031, just ask for Stella.