About Akiva

Why I became an artist

I love music. I write almost every day, I love to compose. I love to listen to my own music, and I'm very critical. Finishing a project is a pet hate of mine. I hate to let the work go, so really, becoming an artist was a challenge. But I was collecting so much of it I realized I needed the outlet. So I purge now and again, hence this week, 21 April, I've released several singles at one time, including some pretty cool remixes. Have a look, listen, and if you like them, buy them.

Why I make music

I make music because I always want to create, I want to make something that's not there, that's not already made. I love to sing, play, and record audio and video. I love art, and I love combining art forms, so writing and composing music is a combination of putting moods into audible form, of expressing feelings and thoughts together. I love how complicated it can be, how particular you have to be about exactly what you want to convey. It's much harder than learning a language, it's like painting.