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OPTION TO HAVE THIS ITEM ENGRAVED: Price will vary widely depending on the item you wish to have engraved, how much engraving and the space available on the item. Please enquire at checkout and we will quote you a price. This price will be ADDITIONAL to the base price of the item at checkout.

OPTION TO HAVE THIS ITEM SHARPENED: Only available to 18+, you must be the credit card owner. Proof of Age and weapon license may be required. Please adhere to legals in your country of residence. Sharpened swords are strictly for display, martial arts and weapon training only and are NOT TOYS. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND UNDER 18s.

DISCLAIMER: These items are sold sharpened for display and supervised use by trained adults only. XS Media and Design claims absolutely no responsibility for their use or transfer after checkout.

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