Katerina Designs

Katerina Designs started many years ago as a dress sketching hobby. I would draw dresses, with no thought of actually making them, until I learned to sew. After The Costume Portal started, I remembered my sketches and started to work on Katerina Designs, a Basic line becoming K for Katerina which is primarily daywear, alongside accessories.

There are several other brand labels within Katerina, depending on your taste, and what your thing is. Filter by label or select from the dropdown menu.
* Sun and Moon are catered for Goths, Pagans, Vampires, and your dark side in general.
* AfterDark are unique styles especially for clubbing.
* K Active are for the sporty, gym-loving on-the-go types, and there will be beach clothes in there too.
* K Design are inspired from famous brand names, and will be limited edition for copyright.
* K Eve - Original formal and evening wear, wedding dresses and prom gowns.