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K Design - Inspired Designer Wear

Katerina Designer Inspired Collection: Inspired by designer fashions in part, or entirely, including replicas. Some of these designs have been created by Katerina especially for The Costume Portal.


Buy one of our Made In Italy handbags and receive an item of your choice from the Katerina Daywear range completely FREE, custom made to fit you.

NOTICE: Taking orders NOW for ALL costume needs throughout 2019.

Please note the above Made In Italy offer is STILL valid, your handbag will be shipped immediately, your Katerina choice will be made to measure and shipped FREE. Payment plans available as standard.

DISCLAIMER TO ORIGINAL DESIGNERS: No copyright infringement intended at all, replicas are custom-made, hand-made and one of a kind, with genuine K Design label, NOT claiming to be copies of the original design but adaptations. Fabric, cut, seams, all details except for the general style will be different. Where the design is obviously very similar, the original designer will be credited. These designs are compliments, and not intended to detract fame or profit away from the original owner of the label or design. I hope that no one is offended, but please do get in touch if you're not happy with any item listed!

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