Pillar Candle 9"

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Pillar Candle 9"

Tall, taper styled pillar candle. Measures 9" tall x 1½" in diameter. Thick candles may need their bases shaved in order to stand perfectly upright.

This black pillar candle provides a wonderful source of illumination for your home or sacred space and can be used to empower protection, balance, banishment, and similar such spells.

This blue pillar candle offers beautiful radiance to the home and sacred space, and are traditionally used with rituals of healing and peace.

This green pillar candle is traditionally used to invoke prosperity, fertility, abundance and good luck within candle magic.

Pink pillar candle with a pure cotton wick. Useful for decoration, ritual and emergency use.

This dark purple pillar candle is popularly used in candle magic involving astral projection, psychic abilities, and other magical practices searching for wisdom, guidance, and mental empowerment.

The color of passion, love, warmth, and fire, this red pillar candle is a popular ritual tool within a wide variety of magical practices.

This white pillar candle provides a wonderful ritual tool for candle magic. Burn it to help invoke peace, purity, and protection.

This yellow pillar candle is a wonderful addition to the sacred space or home, offering bright radiance and clarity within your candle magic.

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