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Aliens - M41A1 Pulse Rifle Brown Bess Prop Replica - Hollywood Collectibles Group Limited Edition 750 Pieces from Mental XS Online

Aliens M41A1 Pulse Rifle Brown Bess Prop Replica - Ltd Ed 750 Pcs


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Aliens M41A1 Pulse Rifle Brown Bess Prop Replica - Ltd Ed 750 Pcs

♦ Edition Size:  Pieces
♦ Includes Certificate of Authenticity

To recreate the definitive pulse rifle, one of the actual hero props was used as reference. It was meticulously measured and photographed, and every detail was painstakingly replicated in this Aliens M41A1 Pulse Rifle Brown Bess Prop Replica, the most accurate Aliens replica ever produced! This stunt version is faithful to those seen in the movie, with authentic shrouds the same dimensions as the hero versions, but with no moving parts. It weighs only 5½ pounds, ideal for cosplay or display on the included themed tabletop stand. There are reinforced metal sling attachment points and Brown Bess colored shrouds. The ammo round counter sticker reads 95, and the rifle measures 27" long. This polyurethane pulse rifle is a solid piece with no electronics. A limited edition of only 750 pieces worldwide, it's made in the USA.

"I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher." The Aliens stunt pulse rifle is one of the most iconic movie weapons ever to blast its way onto the big screen. It's the weapon of choice of the U.S. Colonial Marines in James Cameron's Oscar-winning Aliens. Ages 18 and up.

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