What happened to The Costume Portal?

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You guys LOVE them - we used to advertise Katherine's 1864 dresses from Vampire Diaries, and they are still trending Pinterest daily, more popular than ever.

However, we always had niggling problems with the dresses. They cost far too much to make each costume, at least to a decent standard, that they were out of reach to most people on an average budget. They were beautiful, but took too long to make and we couldn't realistically make a living from them as we would only sell a few per year, mostly Halloween or the odd Wedding. So, we made the painful decision to stop selling them temporarily. Painful, because I love sewing. Working on them has become my passion. To me it's like painting, with fabric. The dresses deserve more, much more, time, effort and attention.

We want to make them special, so we realized we couldn't just make a job out of it, we didn't want to make them because we needed the money. Since we made the decision to pause production of movie costumes, we have spent some time working on the preparation and re-structuring prices. Each Costume Portal item will now have weekly payment terms!

We have plans to expand the workspace, this time including space to display costumes so you guys can come take a look before you buy, and stock space so we can buy supplies in bulk. That means the prices you pay for the costumes will be much lower than before.

The dresses will be listed here, alongside accessories and various beautiful gifts. This part of our website will be just for the girls!!

A drop-down menu called Cinestore on mentalxs.com will now be dedicated to the movie memorabilia alone.

Since I wrote this blog, The Costume Portal has gotten back on it's feet - nearly. We are pausing production of certain styles that will take a lot of pressing - due to workspace and equipment issues currently. BUT. They will be back, so don't cancel your 1864 plans just yet...

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