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This Month

Movies and Quizzes - Thor Ragnarok

Up and Coming - K Basic

The Last Word


This Month:

Movies and Quizzes:


Finish the movie scene, what is the next line:

"There's crap where we're going..." .......................

"Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?" ........................

"Get away from her...." .................................

The first 2 people to get all 3 right and message me in checkout get an extra 10% off their first order, regardless of how many discount codes they're eligible to use.

25% off if you state correctly what movie they're from. No cheating! 

Last month's Quiz Answers:

(There wasn't a quiz last month, this is the first magazine, so here are a few discount codes you don't have to work for: 

MOVIE20 (10% off your order, minimum purchase of $20.00, one use per customer, ends boxing day.)

MOVIE50 ($5 off your first order, $50 minimum order, one use per customer, ends boxing day.)

If a discount code doesn't work first time, email me and I'll refund you the difference.

Up and Coming:

Work In Progress - Katerina  - Items for Pre-Order. (Item images are concept art images - hand sketched and edited in Photoshop).

(Ecrater shop widget below may not show in some browsers, including Opera. Compatible with IE)

Future Projects - Katerina Couture goes on sale, The Costume Portal re-launches in US.


The Last Word

So, whilst you enjoy browsing this month's edition, I'll get to designing and listing new items! As usual, if you need to ask me anything, you know where to reach me.


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