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I have always loved drawing. You may be wondering where I'm going with this blog, but bear with me. I've always designed clothes, sketching so many I didn't know what to do with them, until I learned to sew and one day had that light bulb moment, 'Why don't I MAKE them'! Yeah, I know, it only took me 20 years to reach that epiphany. And another decade before any of them were actually ready, once I'd worked out how to get them made on zero budget.

I was recently listing these beautiful leather bags on our website, mental xs online, and I saw one that would perfectly match one of my dress designs..

It's a pastel blue wool suit with turquoise tone jelly belt (that silicon PU stuff that I can't stop staring at) and matching button front and cuffs.

Lucy Handmade in Italy Designer Handbag at Mental XS Online

another light bulb lit up and I decided to offer the dresses alongside the bags.

You guys have never tried my designs on, never even seen them before. I couldn't ask for blind faith, so instead, I'm offering a deal. Buy a trusted, photographed bag, (or jewelry, if that's more your thing) and I will 'throw in', (not literally, some of my dresses are quite fragile), add-on a top, dress, skirt, whatever you want, for FREE! I'll send your bag like normal, should arrive within a week depending on where you live (they ship straight from Italy), then I'll take your measurements and make the clothes for you! I'll update you by email, and if you're doubting my mad skills, check out this gallery.

There's no gimmick, no catch. I'm a new, unheard of designer, I just want my work to be tried out by you guys, with no pressure to buy a 'sketch'.

Leave me feedback, and I'll make some more! Get whatever you want, they're not tied to a certain Season, they're not going to 'sell out'. I just love sewing, I love drawing, and I love to see you guys in my designs!

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