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XS Media and Design Pinterest: 36k monthly viewers

I love to browse Pinterest for inspiration, giggles and escapism. Today I was about to pin some items from our website when I ended up scrolling down the 'picked for you' page and found some awesome things, as usual. After my 3 hour diversion, I'd pinned a dozen inspirational images, a Pelennor fields meme that got me finishing the scene.. "Death!!". (I love that movie so much), some dress images that then got me searching the net for Silk Faille for one of my up-coming Katerina evening gown designs .. and so on. I get done with my fun and go back to the boards page to work, and I see.. 36K! I've not been watching the numbers. I am not sure if that is a measly number compared to some boards, or very high on the average spectrum of popular, successful profiles. I'm not gonna complain about it!

Turns out, XS Media and Design Pinterest boards now have 36,000 viewers per month! 36k and counting.. thank you guys!

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