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The DCU aka Detective Comics Universe was created in 1967 by the legend that is Stan Lee (1922 - 2018), and continues to enthrall audiences to this day. Whether it's through the cinematic universe of movies and TV series, online webisodes and video shorts, comics, novels, or video games, the universe is ever expanding.. and therein lies a tiny problem for those who don't want to miss a single clip of their favorite superheroes.

Since entering the digital age of streaming video, you can find pretty much any movie or TV series that's ever been aired regardless of country or network; however, with so many reboots and crossovers that tie into the same time-line, it's become even more difficult for a dedicated fan of DCU to keep track of where, when and in what order will achieve a seamless viewing experience that avoids any spoilers, continuity errors and plot holes. 

Below is my rendition of the complete viewing list which is an amended compilation as discovered on IMDB. 

Note: Series marked with a * are (I believe) not vital to the central 'Arrowverse' storyline which leads into the Annual Elseworlds crossovers.


* The Flash (1 season, 1990 - 1991)  IMDB / WIKI

DVD buyable on Amazon. Still searching for any (official) streaming video sources.

Smallville (10 seasons, 2001 - 2011) IMDB / WIKI

Buyable on Amazon Prime Video

Arrow (7 seasons, 2012 - ) IMDB / WIKI

S1-5 Free on Amazon Prime Video / S6 Buyable on Amazon Prime Video.

* Arrow: Blood Rush (1 season miniseries, 2013) IMDB / WIKIA

Free on Youtube

The Flash (5 seasons, 2014 - ) IMDB / WIKI

Buyable on Amazon Prime Video

Constantine (1 season, 2014) IMDB / WIKI

Free on Amazon Prime Video

* Vixen (2 seasons miniseries, 2015 - ) IMDB / WIKI

Free on Youtube

Supergirl (4 seasons, 2015 - ) IMDB / WIKI

Buyable on Amazon Prime Video

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (3 seasons, 2016 - ) IMDB / WIKI

Buyable on Amazon Prime Video

* The Flash: Chronicles of Cisco (4 episode miniseries, 2016) IMDB / WIKIA

 Free on Youtube

Vixen (TV Movie, 2017) IMDB / WIKI

DVD buyable on Amazon. Still searching for any (official) streaming video sources.

Freedom Fighters: The Ray (2 seasons, 2017 - ) IMDB / WIKI

DVD buyable on Amazon. Still searching for any (official) streaming video sources.




Arrow (1990)
•The Flash (1990) Season 1 (1 - 22)

Smallville (2001 - 2011)
•Smallville Season 1 (1 - 22)
•Smallville Season 2 (1 - 22)
•Smallville Season 3 (1 - 22)
•Smallville Season 4 (1 - 22)
•Smallville Season 5 (1 - 22)
•Smallville Season 6 (1 - 22)
•Smallville Season 7 (1 - 22)
•Smallville Season 8 (1 - 22)
•Smallville Season 9 (1 - 22)
•Smallville Season 10 (1 - 22)

Arrow Seasons 1 & 2 / Arrow: Blood Rush
•Arrow Season 1 (1 - 23)
•Arrow Season 2 (1 - 5)
•Arrow: Blood Rush (1 - 6)
•Arrow Season 2 (6 - 23)

Arrow Season 3 / The Flash Season 1 / Vixen Series 1
•Arrow 3×01: The Calm
•The Flash 1×01: Pilot
•The Flash 1×02: Fastest Man Alive
•The Flash 1×03: Things You Can’t Outrun
•Arrow 3×02: Sara
•Arrow 3×03: Corto Maltese
•The Flash 1×04: Going Rogue
•Arrow 3×04: The Magician
•Arrow 3×05: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak
•The Flash 1×05: Plastique
•Arrow 3×06: Guilty
•The Flash 1×06: The Flash Is Born
•Arrow 3×07: Draw Back Your Bow
•The Flash 1×07: Power Outage
•The Flash 1×08: Flash vs. Arrow
•Arrow 3×08: The Brave and the Bold
•The Flash 1×09: The Man in the Yellow Suit
•Arrow 3×09: The Climb
•The Flash 1×10: Revenge of the Rogues
•Arrow 3×10: Left Behind
•The Flash 1×11: The Sound and the Fury
•Arrow 3×11: Midnight City
•The Flash 1×12: Crazy for You
•Arrow 3×12: Uprising
•The Flash 1×13: The Nuclear Man
•The Flash 1×14: Fallout
•Arrow 3×13: Canaries
•Arrow 3×14: The Return
•Vixen 1x1
•Vixen 1x2
•Vixen 1x3
•Vixen 1x4
•Vixen 1x5
•Vixen 1x6
•Arrow 3×15: Nanda Parbat
•Arrow 3×16: The Offer
•The Flash 1×15: Out of Time
•The Flash 1×16: Rogue Time
•The Flash 1×17: Tricksters
•Arrow 3×17: Suicidal Tendencies
•The Flash 1×18: All Star Team Up
•Arrow 3×18: Public Enemy
•Arrow 3×19: Broken Arrow
•Arrow 3×20: The Fallen
•The Flash 1×19: Who Is Harrison Wells?
•The Flash 1×20: The Trap
•The Flash 1×21: Grodd Lives
•Arrow 3×21: Al Sah-him
•Arrow 3×22: This Is Your Sword
•The Flash 1×22: Rogue Air
•Arrow 3×23: My Name Is Oliver Queen
•The Flash 1×23: Fast Enough

•Constantine Season 1 (1 - 13)

Arrow Season 4 / The Flash Season 2 / Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 / Supergirl Season 1 and 2 / Vixen Series 2 / The Flash: Chronicles of Cisco
•Arrow 4×01: Green Arrow
•The Flash 2×01: The Man Who Saved Central City
•The Flash 2×02: Flash of Two Worlds
•Arrow 4×02: The Candidate
•The Flash 2×03: Family of Rogues
•Arrow 4×03: Restoration
•Arrow 4×04: Beyond Redemption
•The Flash 2×04: The Fury of Firestorm
•The Flash 2×05: The Darkness and the Light
•Arrow 4×05: Haunted
•Arrow 4×06: Lost Souls
•The Flash 2×06: Enter Zoom
•Arrow 4×07: Brotherhood
•The Flash 2×07: Gorilla Warfare
•The Flash 2×08: Legends of Today
•Arrow 4×08: Legends of Yesterday
•Vixen 2x1
•Vixen 2x2
•Vixen 2x3
•Vixen 2x4
•Vixen 2x5
•Vixen 2x6
•Arrow 4×09: Dark Waters
•Arrow 4×10: Blood Debts
•The Flash 2×09: Running to Stand Still
•The Flash 2×10: Potential Energy
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x01: Pilot, Part 1
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x02: Pilot, Part 2
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x03: Blood Ties
•The Flash 2×11: The Reverse-Flash Returns
•Arrow 4×11: A.W.O.L
•The Flash 2x12: Fast Lane
•Arrow 4×12: Unchained
•Arrow 4×13: Sins of the Father
•The Flash 2x13: Welcome to Earth-2
•The Flash 2x14: Escape from Earth-2
•The Flash 2x15: King Shark
•Supergirl Season 1 (1 - 3, 5, 4 - 17)
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x04: White Knights
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x05: Fail-Safe
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x06: Star City 2046
•Arrow 4×14: Code of Silence
•Arrow 4×15: Taken
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x07: Marooned
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x08: Night of the Hawk
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x09: Left Behind
•The Flash 2x16: Trajectory
•Arrow 4×16: Broken Hearts
•The Flash 2x17: Flash Back
•Arrow 4×17: Beacon of Hope
•Arrow 4×18: Eleven-Fifty-Nine
•Arrow 4×19: Canary Cry
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x10: Progeny
•The Flash: Chronicles of Cisco
•Supergirl 1x18: Worlds Finest
•The Flash 2x18: Versus Zoom
•Supergirl 1x19: Myriad
•Supergirl 1x20: Better Angels
•Supergirl 2x01: The Adventures of Supergirl
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x11: The Magnificent Eight
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x12: Last Refuge
•The Flash 2x19: Back to Normal
•Supergirl 2x02: The Last Children of Krypton
•Supergirl 2x03: Welcome to Earth
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x13: Leviathan
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x14: River of Time
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x15: Destiny
•Supergirl 2x04: Survivors
•Arrow 4×20: Genesis
•Arrow 4×21: Monument Point
•Arrow 4×22: Lost in the Flood
•Supergirl 2x05: Crossfire
•Legends of Tomorrow 1x16: Legendary
•Arrow 4×23: Schism
•The Flash 2x20: Rupture
•The Flash 2x21: The Runaway Dinosaur
•The Flash 2x22: Invincible
•The Flash 2x23: The Race of His Life

Arrow Season 5 / The Flash Season 3 / Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 / Supergirl Season 2
•Supergirl 2x06: Changing
•The Flash 3x01: Flashpoint
•The Flash 3x02: Paradox
•The Flash 3x03: Magenta
•The Flash 3x04: The New Rogues
•The Flash 3x05: Monster
•The Flash 3x06: Shade
•The Flash 3x07: Killer Frost
•Supergirl 2x07: The Darkest Place
•Arrow 5×01: Legacy
•Arrow 5×02: The Recruits
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x01: Out of Time
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x02: The Justice Society of America
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x03: Shogun
•Arrow 5×03: A Matter of Trust
•Arrow 5×04: Penance
•Arrow 5×05: Human Target
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x04: Abominations
•Arrow 5×06: So It Begins
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x05: Compromised
•Arrow 5×07: Vigilante
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x06: Outlaw Country
•Supergirl 2x08: Medusa
•The Flash 3x08: Invasion!
•Arrow 5×08: Invasion!
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x07: Invasion!
•The Flash 3x09: The Present
•Arrow 5×09: What We Leave Behind
•Arrow 5×10: Who Are You?
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x08: The Chicago Way
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x09: Raiders of the Lost Art
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x10: The Legion of Doom
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x11: Turncoat
•Supergirl 2x09: Supergirl Lives
•The Flash 3x10: Borrowing Problems from the Future
•Supergirl 2x10: We Can Be Heroes
•The Flash 3x11: Dead or Alive
•Arrow 5×11: Second Chances
•Supergirl 2x11: The Martian Chronicles
•The Flash 3x12: Untouchable
•Arrow 5×12: Bratva
•Supergirl 2x12: Luthors
•Supergirl 2x13: Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk
•Supergirl 2x14: Homecoming
•The Flash 3x13: Attack on Gorilla City
•The Flash 3x14: Attack on Central City
•Arrow 5×13: Spectre of the Gun
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x12: Camelot/3000
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x13: Land of the Lost
•Arrow 5×14: The Sin-Eater
•Arrow 5×15: Fighting Fire with Fire
•Supergirl 2x15: Exodus
•The Flash 3x15: The Wrath of Savitar
•The Flash 3x16: Into the Speed Force
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x14: Moonshot
•Arrow 5×16: Checkmate
•Supergirl 2x16: Star-Crossed
•The Flash 3x17: Duet
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x15: Fellowship of the Spear
•Arrow 5×17: Kapiushon
•Arrow 5×18: Disbanded
•Supergirl 2x17: Distant Sun
•The Flash 3x18: Abra Kadabra
•The Flash 3x19: The Once and Future Flash
•The Flash 3x20: I Know Who You Are
•The Flash 3x21: Cause and Effect
•The Flash 3x22: Infantino Street
•The Flash 3x23: Finish Line
•Arrow 5×19: Dangerous Liaisons
•Arrow 5×20: Underneath
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x16: Doomworld
•Legends of Tomorrow 2x17: Aruba
•Supergirl 2x18: Ace Reporter
•Supergirl 2x19: Alex
•Supergirl 2x20: City of Lost Children
•Supergirl 2x21: Resist
•Supergirl 2x22: Nevertheless, She Persisted
•Arrow 5×21: Honor Thy Fathers
•Arrow 5×22: Missing
•Arrow 5×23: Lian Yu

Freedom Fighters: The Ray Season 1 and 2
•Freedom Fighters: The Ray Season 1 (1 - 6)
•Freedom Fighters: The Ray Season 2 (1 - 6)

Arrow Season 6 / The Flash Season 4 / Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 / Supergirl Season 3
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x01: Aruba-Con
•Arrow 6x01: Fallout
•Arrow 6x02: Tribute
•Arrow 6x03: Next of Kin
•Supergirl 3x01: Girl of Steel
•The Flash 4x01: The Flash Reborn
•The Flash 4x02: Mixed Signals
•Supergirl 3x02: Triggers
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x02: Freakshow
•Supergirl 3x03: Far From the Tree
•The Flash 4x03: Luck Be a Lady
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x03: Zari
•Supergirl 3x04: The Faithful
•The Flash 4x04: Elongated Journey Into Night
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x04: Phone Home
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x05: Return of the Mack
•Supergirl 3x05: Damage
•Supergirl 3x06: Midvale
•Arrow 6x04: Reversal
•The Flash 4x05: Girls Night Out
•Arrow 6x05: Deathstroke Returns
•Arrow 6x06: Promises Kept
•The Flash 4x06: When Harry Met Harry...
•The Flash 4x07: Therefore I Am
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x06: Helen Hunt
•Supergirl 3x07: Wake Up
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x07: Welcome to the Jungle
•Arrow 6x07: Thanksgiving
•Supergirl 3x08: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1
•Arrow 6x08: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2
•The Flash 4x08: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3
•Legends 3x08: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4
•Arrow 6x09: Irreconcilable Differences
•Supergirl 3x09: Reign
•The Flash 4x09: Don't Run
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x09: Beebo the God of War
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x10: Daddy Dharkest
•Supergirl 3x10: Legion of Superheroes
•Supergirl 3x11: Fort Rozz
•The Flash 4x10: The Trial of The Flash
•Arrow 6x10: Divided
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x11: Here I Go Again
•The Flash 4x11: The Elongated Knight Rises
•Arrow 6x11: We Fall
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x12: The Curse of the Earth Totem
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x13: No Country for Old Dads
•Supergirl 3x12: For Good
•Supergirl 3x13: Both Sides Now
•The Flash 4x12: Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash
•Arrow 6x12: All for Nothing
•The Flash 4x13: True Colors
•Arrow 6x13: The Devil's Greatest Trick
•Supergirl 3x14: Schott Through The Heart
•Supergirl 3x15: In Search of Lost Time
•Supergirl 3x16: Of Two Minds
•Supergirl 3x17: Trinity
•Supergirl 3x18: Shelter from the Storm
•Supergirl 3x19: The Fanatical
•Supergirl 3x20: Dark Side of the Moon
•Supergirl 3x21: Not Kansas
•Supergirl 3x22: Make it Reign
•Supergirl 3x23: Battles Lost and Won
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x14: Amazing Grace
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x15: Necromancing the Stone
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x16: I, Ava
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x17: Guest Starring John Noble
•Legends of Tomorrow 3x18: The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly
•The Flash 4x14: Subject 9
•Arrow 6x14: Collision Course
•Arrow 6x15: Doppelganger
•The Flash 4x15: Enter Flashtime
•The Flash 4x16: Run, Iris, Run
•Arrow 6x16: The Thanatos Guild
•Arrow 6x17: Brothers in Arms
•Arrow 6x18: Fundamentals
•The Flash 4x17: Null and Annoyed
•The Flash 4x18: Lose Yourself
•The Flash 4x19: Fury Rogue
•Arrow 6x19: The Dragon
•Arrow 6x20: Shifting Allegiances
•The Flash 4x20: Therefore She Is
•Arrow 6x21: Docket No. 11-19-41-73
•The Flash 4x21: Harry and the Harrisons
•Arrow 6x22: The Ties That Bind
•Arrow 6x23: Life Sentence
•The Flash 4x22: Think Fast
•The Flash 4x23: We Are the Flash

Arrow Season 7 / The Flash Season 5 / Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 / Supergirl Season 4
•The Flash 5x01: Nora
•The Flash 5x02: Blocked
•The Flash 5x03: The Death of Vibe
•Supergirl 4x01: American Alien
•The Flash 5x04: News Flash
•Supergirl 4x02: Fallout
•Supergirl 4x03: Man of Steel
•The Flash 5x05: All Doll'd Up
•Supergirl 4x04: Ahimsa
•Supergirl 4x05: Parasite Lost
•The Flash 5x06: The Icicle Cometh
•Legends of Tomorrow 4x01: The Virgin Gary
•Legends of Tomorrow 4x02: Witch Hunt
•Arrow 7x01: Inmate 4587
•Arrow 7x02: The Longbow Hunters
•Arrow 7x03: Crossing Lines
•Legends of Tomorrow 4x03: Dancing Queen
•Arrow 7x04: Level 2
•Legends of Tomorrow 4x04: Wet Hot American Bummer
•The Flash 5x07: O Come, All Ye Thankful
•Supergirl 4x06: Call to Action
•Legends of Tomorrow 4x05: Tagumo Attacks!!!
•Supergirl 4x07: Rather the Fallen Angel
•Legends of Tomorrow 4x06: Tender is the Nate
•Arrow 7x05: The Demon
•Arrow 7x06: Due Process
•Arrow 7x07: The Slabside Redemption
•The Flash 5x08: What's Past is Prologue
•Supergirl 4x08: Bunker Hill
•Arrow 7x08: Unmasked
•The Flash 5x09: Elseworlds Part 1
•Arrow 7x09: Elseworlds Part 2
•Supergirl 4x09: Elseworlds Part 3
•Legends of Tomorrow 4x07: Hell No, Dolly!
•Legends of Tomorrow 4x08: Legends of To-Meow-Meow


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